After obtaining my five-year degree in Physical Sciences at the University of Barcelona, I moved to Bergen (Norway) where I completed my MSc in Meteorology in 1988. It was at the University of Bergen that I had my first contact with research.


            In 1989 I started a PhD. at the Institute of Marine and Atmospheric Research Utrecht (IMAU) investigating the role of atmospheric turbulence on chemical reactions, and realising for the first time the need to combine fields to advance in our understanding of the Earth’ atmospheric system.


            During my PhD, daily discussions with Dr. Peter Duynkerke taught me the key elements research and knowledge transfer. After defending my PhD in 1992, I joined the Atlantic Stratocumulus Transition Experiments (ASTEX) for one month in the Azores Archipelago, where I learned the relevance of boundary layer dynamics in the Earth’s climate system.


            A post-doc position at Metro-France in 1995 enabled me to familiarise myself with a new generation of mesoscale models (Meso-NH) that I further developed during my position as a lecturer at the  Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (MM5 and WRF models).


            At the end of  1999, I joined the Meteorology and Air Quality section at Wageningen University, where I combine lecturing at BSc, MSc and PhD levels with research on the dynamics and chemistry of the atmospheric boundary layer and its interaction with land properties.


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